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Understanding the UV Index For Optimal Sun Protection

What is the UV INDEX?

The UV Index is a relative measure of the amount of solar UltraViolet (UV) radiation reaching the Earth’s surface at “solar noon” — when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. It was created to help people determine the appropriate sun-protective measures to reduce their risk of sunburn, skin cancer and eye damage from the sun.


The following table shows your risk for sunburn on unprotected skin, based on the UV Index:

UV IndexRisk LevelMinutes Until Sunburn
8 – 10Very high25
6 – 7High30
3 – 5Moderate45
1 – 2Low60+
*SPF = sun protection factor
Information based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

All graphics, forecasts, and data © 2017 AccuWeather, Inc.


To see a graph of todays UV Level in California, click here. This graph is updated twice daily. California predominantly falls in the Very High (8-10) category making it extremely important that we wear sunglasses. That means we can only spend 25 minutes outside in the sun before we will get burned. It’s even more important that our children wear sunglasses. If you need a new pair – our summer sunglass sale is just around the corner in the month of June!

Rancho Santa Fe Optometry also recommends an annual eye exam to make sure your sun exposure isn’t causing any damage on or in your eyes. If you are active outdoors doing activities like, hiking, surfing, skiing or sailing, it’s very important you have proper equipment to protect yourself. Make an appointment today!


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