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How Vision and Quality of Life Are Related

Most people don’t realize that how we see has a direct impact on our lives. For example, discovering for that there are leaves on the trees the first time someone wears glasses is very exciting. Their whole world will often open up discovering how much more clearly they can see.

In addition, we have had patients who had not able to see depth, or 3D, discover what they had been missing. Their experiences range from being able to appreciate the depth, beauty and excitement of 3D movies to improvements in the overall quality of their lives. People are often amazed at the improvement they see in driving, parking and lane changing on the freeway. Others actually see an improvement in their golf game as a result of being able to see depth and 3D.

We have also seen patients who struggled with reading because of an eye coordination problem, who suddenly start excelling in school once the vision problem is treated. Their whole lives can change. Too many children go through life thinking they are stupid, because everyone else can read and they can’t. We are so fortunate to be able to help when a vision problem is underlying their struggles with learning.

Most children don’t know how they are supposed to see and rarely complain. The way they tell us they are having trouble is with their behavior. Please be sure to review the symptom checklist and read our article on Vision and Learning for more information on this.

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