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Eye Surgery and Neurological Diseases

Dr. Christensen has guided many patients over the years to successful Lasik, PRK, and Cataract Surgery by working with the best surgeons in the area. She can determine if you are a candidate and discuss the latest technology and which procedure is best for you.

When we have a disease that impacts the brain, it can also interfere with vision. Dr. Christensen has been able to help numerous patients who previously struggled with vision problems that resulted from diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In addition, undiagnosed neurological problems that result in muscle palsy can often also be helped with either special prism or vision therapy.

While there are 12 muscles that move our eyes (6 per eye), the image that lands on the back of our eyes has to travel to the brain in order for us to see. There are some vision problems that occur because the muscles are not working correctly and others where the brain is not processing the visual information correctly.

Sometimes eye coordination problems can occur after eye surgery such as Cataract, LASIK and Retinal Detachment surgery. Depending on the severity of the problem, Dr. Christensen is often able to help with special lenses (Fresnel prism) and/or neuro-optometric vision rehabilitation.

Here are some of the common signs that you may have a correctable vision problem:

If you or a loved one is struggling with any of the above, it would be wise to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christensen to determine the depth of the vision problem and your best treatment options.

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Rancho Santa Fe Optometry offers comprehensive eye examinations for all ages. The office also provides therapy to remediate problems found.


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