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Vision Therapy

Understanding Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a type of Physical Therapy. Like other forms of physical therapy, with vision therapy, optimum results require much more than visual acuity or binocular eye muscle control. Vision therapy integrates visual acuity and binocular function plus detailed brain function activities that collectively control thousands of components of our entire bodies coordinated actions. Your visual system is your steering system. Vision Therapy makes it better.

We provide complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for children and adults with these type of vision problems:

  • Eye tracking
  • Eye teaming (Strabismus or Amblyopia)
  • Eye focusing (Visual Acuity)
  • Learning-related vision problems
  • Visual Information Processing
  • Computer related vision problems
  • Sports Vision
  • Acquired brain injury related vision problems

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a sequence of therapy procedures that are individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop efficient visual skills and visual processing. Vision therapy is prescribed following a comprehensive evaluation of the visual system.

The vision therapy program is based on the results of standardized tests, the patient’s specific signs and symptoms plus a careful look at the needs of the patient.

The use of lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, specialized instruments and computer programs is an integral part of vision therapy. Typically, vision therapy is administered as a combination of in-office visits combined with prescribed, daily, home-vision therapy procedures.

In-office therapy is designed to make the patient aware of his or her visual deficiencies under controlled conditions. Then by a feedback process the patient is taught strategies to improve visual performance.

Home therapy is directed at practicing the newly learned visual skills until the initial conscious effort becomes automatic.

Here is a list of symptoms a person may be experiencing:

  • Loses place on the page
  • Uses finger as a pointer
  • Headaches working up close
  • Words run together when reading
  • Burning, itchy, watery eyes
  • Falls asleep when reading
  • Complains of blurred or double vision
  • Skips/repeats lines when reading
  • Has an eye turn or lazy eye
  • Trouble keeping attention on reading
  • Difficulty completing assignments on time
  • Sees worse at the end of the day
  • Homework takes longer than it should
  • Poor handwriting
  • Dizziness/nausea with near work
  • Tilts head/closes one eye when reading
  • Difficulty copying from whiteboard
  • Avoids near work/reading
  • Omits small words when reading
  • Writes uphill or downhill
  • Mis-aligns digits or columns of numbers
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Holds reading material too close
  • Does not judge distance accurately
  • Clumsy/knocks things over
  • Motion sickness
  • Labeled “lazy”, “slow learner”, “AD(H)D” or “behavior problem”

Vision Therapy for Motion Sickness Relief

We are now offering a vision therapy program specifically to cure MOTION SICKNESS. To read more about the link between vision therapy and motion sickness relief, read the article that Dr. Christensen wrote. If you’re excited to get started today to cure your own motion sickness, make your annual eye appointment (regardless if you’re a new or existing patient) and get started today. It only takes an average of eight short weeks!

Visit The American Optometric Association Website for the Optometry position paper on vision therapy.

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