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Adult Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams for Adults

As we age, regular and comprehensive eye exams become increasingly important. They’re essential for preventing vision loss and detecting early indicators of eye health challenges. At Rancho Santa Fe Optometry, we provide a thorough approach to eye care, emphasizing our patients’ vision and overall eye well-being.

Our extensive eye examination procedure includes computer-assisted prescription determination, utilization of Optos Technology, assessment for cataracts, and iWellness (Optovue OCT) scans.

Computer-Assisted Prescription Determination

Leveraging advanced technology, our optometrists precisely determine your prescription. This computer-assisted approach guarantees you achieve the clearest vision possible.

In-depth Eye Health Analysis

More than merely focusing on vision correction, we evaluate the overall health of your eyes, looking for signs of eye diseases. Through a thorough examination of the various structures and facets of the eye, we strive for a comprehensive grasp of your ocular health and potential signs of eye disease.

Optos Technology

Thanks to advancements in Optos technology, we can capture detailed images of the inside of your eye without the need for dilation. This means less discomfort and a quicker exam time for you.

Cataract Evaluation

Our specialists employ advanced techniques to detect and assess signs of cataracts. Early detection is crucial, allowing for timely treatment options and effective management of the condition. 

iWellness (Optovue OCT) Scan

We harness the power of the Optovue OCT scan to detect conditions like Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. This state-of-the-art technology gives us a detailed view of the retina, allowing for early intervention.

Eye Pressure Reading

Checking intraocular pressure is vital in identifying signs of glaucoma. Our optometry team ensures accurate measurements, prioritizing your eye health.

Our commitment to technology defines Rancho Santa Fe Optometry. We adopt the latest eye care innovations to ensure precise exams. Focusing on preventive care, our optometry team delivers expertise in every examination. Book your comprehensive exam today.

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Rancho Santa Fe Optometry offers comprehensive eye examinations for all ages. The office also provides therapy to remediate problems found.


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