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Vision Therapy Works – A Client’s Story

Thank you so much to our patients for such kind words. Here’s what Beth had to say about her daughter’s experience in Vision Therapy:

My 11 year old daughter had suffered from migraines since the age of 5 and an inability to concentrate at school.  In fifth grade, the problems became worse, so we chose to have her tested for ADD.  The testing results were mild ADD, so I spoke to Dr. Christensen regarding this diagnosis.  She recommended testing her vision in depth to see if she was having other issues with her eyes.  Dr. Christensen found that she would benefit from vision therapy and the results have been fantastic!  Emily was a very patient and wonderful therapist – my daughter loved her!  The best news is the migraines are a thing of the past and she is able to concentrate in class.  What a difference!  Thank you for making the quality of my daughters life better. – Beth Armstrong

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