RSFO Goes to Atria Senior Living

The staff at Rancho Santa Fe Optometry went to Atria Senior Living this week to connect with our community. We had an “Optical Clinic” where we helped residents with repairing, cleaning and adjusting glasses. Most of the residents aren’t able to leave or if they do, don’t get out very often. What can seem like a small thing to one, is huge to another. They were so very grateful and we were happy to help. We will be organizing more of these events around our area and can’t wait to get out there and make more friends!

Ken, Christine, Emily and Christina visiting with residents at both buildings of Atria Senior Living in Encinitas, CA

Atria Senior Living

If you have friends or family living in a local residents that you’d like us to visit – please give us a call! We are open to suggestions. If you’d like to recommend our office, we would be grateful for the support. We accept Medicare and new patients can make an appointment easily online.

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