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Fun Fact Friday

Impress your friends next time you’re together… here are a few fun facts to know about your eyes:

  1. The average blink lasts for 1/10th of a second.
  2. While it takes some time for most parts of your body to warm up to their full potential, your eyes are on their game game 24/7 – no stretching needed!
  3. Eyes heal quickly. With proper care, it only takes about 48 hours for the eye to repair a corneal scratch.
  4. Seeings is such a big part of everyday life that it takes about half of the brain to get involved.
  5. Newborns don’t produce tears. They make crying sounds, but the tears don’t start flowing until they are about 4-13 weeks old.
  6. Around the world, about 39 million people are blind and roughly 6 times that many have some kind of vision impairment. Because of this, Rancho Santa Fe Optometry donates a portion of each pair of glasses sold to Optometry Giving Sight. They are a foundation created to training doctors, establishing facilities all over the world and delivering glasses and other tools combat world blindness.
  7. Doctors have yet to find a way to transplant an eyeball. The optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is too sensitive to reconstruct successfully.

Look for more Fun Facts next week!

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