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6 Ways to Eye Allergy Relief

6 Ways to Eye Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief. Something so many of us need during the spring and summer months. It can cause allergies that make for red, itchy eyes. Seemingly harmless substances can create problems for those predisposed to allergic reactions. The most common are dust, mold, pollen and pet dander. Here are a few ways that you can give your eyes a head start from allergy relief this springtime and avoid the red, watery, itchy symptoms of spring.

  1. Shower before bedtime and gently wash your eyelids to make sure that all pollens and allergens are washed so that nothing irritates your eyes while you sleep.
  2. Protect your eyes from airborne allergens outdoors by wearing wraparound-style sunglasses. (Spring is a great time to buy new sunglasses!)
  3. Don’t RUB! We know it’s hard, but the more you can resist rubbing your eyes when they itch, the better. Rubbing releases histamines which makes the symptoms worse.
  4. Artificial tears will help wash pollens from your eyes. Talk to Dr. Weiss to find out which brands are best for you.
  5. If you wear contact lenses on a regular basis, consider to switching to a lens that you change daily (and not re-wear) to reduce the build up of allergens on lenses. Even better, wear glasses more often. Don’t have a pair you feel good in? Come see us!
  6. Get and early start! Talk to Dr. Weiss about ways to reduce your sensitivity to allergens.

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