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Head Injuries and Stroke

Vision Therapy to Address Head Injuries, Concussions, Stroke, and Vision Impairments

Head injuries, such as skull fractures, brain swelling, and strokes, can lead to serious vision problems. A mild traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion, can result from a blow to the head and may cause a person to lose consciousness. Even if a person does not lose consciousness, they can still be at risk of a concussion and the symptoms that come with it.

Symptoms of a head injury, concussion, or stroke may include:

Vision problems arising from a concussion or head injury can range from subtle to severe, including symptoms like blurred vision, double vision, pain in the eye, poor reading comprehension, and sensitivity to light. Therefore, it’s essential to seek medical attention if you or someone you know experiences any symptoms after a head injury or blow to the head to determine if they have sustained a concussion or other form of head injury. If you suspect that you or a loved one may be experiencing vision problems due to a head injury, it’s important to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor that provides vision therapy.

At Rancho Santa Fe Optometry, we understand that patients with head injuries often require a multidisciplinary approach for optimal recovery. We offer vision therapy and work closely with various medical specialists, including speech, occupational, and physical therapists, to address vision issues stemming from head injuries and strokes.

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